Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a widely used marketing business , where we refer someone to an online product . When someone buys our recommended product through our refferal link , we get commission for each sale.

Every affiliate program is different and has different commission rates .

Many online selling companies provide affiliate account (Free to join)
from where anyone can signup and get affiliate links of different products like shoes , mobiles , computers , toys etc ..,
So when someone buys these products from your links , you will get commission for that product.

How to promote affiliate products

Top platforms:

• Website or Blog
• Youtube channel
• Social media

1) Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog , you can easily do affiliate marketing with the power of your content.
Many companies provide Banner Ads which contains your affiliate code , you can easily use that banners in your website and blogs.
People reading your articles will also see your affiliate products. When they buy from your banners , you will earn commission.
If you don’t have a website then learn how to Make website for free of cost.

2) YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel you can start affiliate marketing. Add the affiliate links of products you are reviewing in description. For example if your channel is about gaming then you should add just gaming products in the description of your your video.
Similarly if your channel is about Dogs health then you can also add the affiliate link of dog foods and medicines in the description.
So people watching your videos

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3) Social Media :

If you don’t have a Youtube channel or Blog then don’t worry , you can do Affiliate marketing on social media.
If your Facebook page is about Pets health then add Pets food and medicines in your Facebook page.
You can promote your products through a campaign.

Affiliate marketing Programs to join

There are thousands of companies which provides Affiliate programs to join. some companies provide 10% – 12% commission of that product while some companies have target amount like web hosting companies they might give you 50% to 80% for each sale.

Online products selling networks

1) Amazon
2) Banggood
3) Flipkart
4) Alibaba
5) Ali Express

There arore other websites which provides Affiliate programs.

Web hosting networks

1) Bluehost
2) Hostgator
3) Godaddy
4) Fast web host
5) Dreamhost

There are many other hosting companies which provides affiliate program.

Google Adsence vs Affiliate Marketing

Adsence vs Affiliate : which is good

If you are an older blogger and already monitized your blog with Google AdSense then you might have these questions.

In my personal opinion , if your blog is about a particular niche then Affiliate marketing is far better than AdSense in this case because if your website or blog is about gaming , then it is better to include gaming products as an affiliate instead of Google AdSense.

AdSense is only good when you are running multi niche blog.

Google says that you can use both adsence and affiliate links on the same page if your blog contains quality content.
But if your blog contain low quality content and use 5-10 affiliate links then it might effect the ranking of your blog.

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I am going to share some facts .
I hope after reading this you will be able to know that which is good Adsence or Affiliate marketing.


• Affiliate Networks are easy to join while it is difficult to get approval of Adsence.

• Affiliate marketing pays higher than AdSense.

• Most of the affiliate programs pay in PayPal accounts put googl AdSense doesn’t pay in PayPal.

• Affiliate products are available for all niche but AdSense is not allowed in some type of niche.

• Adsense is only managed by google but there are many small and large affiliate companies.

• Affiliate ads are more attractive while we don’t have any control over Google AdSense.

Comment below which network do you like most AdSense or Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing



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