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android chrome extensions

How to install android chrome extensions

Android chrome extensions can’t be installed on Google chrome browser. It must need another browser to run chrome extensions.

  • The best browser for android chrome extensions is Mozilla Firefox browser.
    you can enjoy both Mozilla Firefox extensions and google chrome extensions in this browser.

Follow all given steps to enable android chrome extensions.

Steps to Install :

Note : First enable desktop site from sidebar otherwise it will not work

1: Install Mozilla firefox from playstore ( Don’t install beta version , only install full version).

2: Now copy this url : and paste it on firefox search bar and run .

3: Another page will be opened .

Android chrome extensions

4: Put ” Chrome store foxified ” in search field and click ok.

5: Click on first item.

Android chrome extensions

6: Now Click “+ Add to Firefox”.

7:  It will start downloading addon.After downloading open Addons from settings and enable it.

8: After activating addon “Chrome Store foxified” go to google enable desktop mode and search “Chrome web store”.

9: Open chrome webstore site and search for chrome extension you want to use.

10: Now enjoy android chrome extensions in mozilla firefox .

Best android chrome extensions :

Here is the list of best chrome extensions.


It blocks advertising companies.
Loads webpages more faster.
More privacy over internet.

HTTPS Everywhere

By using this extension no one can hijack the information sent between you and the web server.

Date saver

Data saver extension can save some of bandwidth (some bytes or bit ).
It filter the web traffic through a server and it compresses everything that is sent to you.

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scriptsafe provides secure browsing experience.
It makes browsing faster by not allowing unwanted scripts that run on your browser.


Pocket extension saves articles offline for later reading.
If you daily read more articles from the websites , Pocket will be a best option for you.






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