Investment Definition , invest safe

Investment definition

Investment Definition

Its the process of Investing money to make profit.(investment definition)
Many People usually invest money to earn double of that amount.
They think that it would be better if their money is safe instead of wasting in useless things.
Banks also go on the same way. They invests and earn huge money .


Does bitcoin or other crypto currencies are safe to invest ?

(Investment definition ) Definitely No because the value of bitcoin changes frequently . It can be either too low or very high.
So try to avoid from investing in crypto currencies.


(investment definition) How to invest money with low risk

1) : Buy shares of trusted Companies.
2) : Buy Bond from banks (100% risk free)
3) : Cash value life insurance.
4) : Open your own store and sell goods . (if you can invest high value )
5) : You can also start your own website, dedicated to selling products. Or you can start a blog and make affiliate sales from Amazon , flipkart or Banggood etc. 


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