Website to app maker | Make high quality app in just 2 mins

Website to app maker

Website to app maker

Website to app maker : After reading this you will be able to make your own android app for your website . So read full article and follow all steps.

1) Goto

Website to app maker

2) Click on “create now for free”.

Website to app maker

3) Now click on “web” , many options will appear . Select “website”.

Website to app maker

4) In App settings enter your website URL .

Website to app maker

5) write app name and description.

I suggest you to write description in details.

Website to app maker

6) Now select icon . You can either use your own icon by clicking “custom icon” or you can select icon by default.

Use your websites fav icon by clicking “custom icon”

7) Now click on “Create app” . Your app will be created.

AppsGeyser provides a dashboard where you can manage and edit your app again.

You can download your app from dashboard at right bottom of your page.

You can upload it to different stores.
like Google play store or Amazon app store.

If you have an admob account then you can put your ads by clicking “Monetize” and then “admob”.After publishing it you can earn much money.

You can make more apps from . You can manage your business by creating app “Business” . This app will allow you to edit your business profile and then share it to your customers.

You can make your own music app , video player , browser and much more apps .

Website to app maker

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